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[CryptDisk_Signed 319.1K] 2018/04/14: CryptDisk 2.7 Release
Windows 10 1703, supports Secure Boot

August 18 2017

I want to create my own version of TrueCrypt, which was retired in 2012. CryptDisk will fix some of the problems and irritants I encountered when using TrueCrypt on a daily basis.


  • August 18 2017: Created the project.
  • August 24: My virtual disk driver is (mostly) working.
  • August 27: Loader app now has a much nicer volume manager.
  • August 28: Mount/Unmount is now working.
  • August 30: Driver v2.0 is working.

    19 days from concept to the first working version.

  • September 1: IRP tracing is working.
  • September 3: Rewrote Crypt for passwords, added key manager.
  • September 4: Wrote simplified CryptKM.
  • September 5: CryptDisk encrypt/decrypt is working.
  • September 6: Redesigned the volume info, added SectorInfo.
  • September 7: Added Test Console.
  • September 12: Fast cloning is working.
    CryptDisk is now feature-complete, anything more is extra.
  • September 14: Normal users can start/stop. (No admin required.)
  • October 2: Integrated Salsa20 and ChaCha20 block ciphers.
  • October 19: Solved the "SDF Glitch"
  • January 28 2018: Rewrote the Crypt and key manager for a simplified, streamlined user experience.
  • March 22 2018: Major release
    Full Windows 10 support
    The driver is now Microsoft-certified, allowing it to load on all Windows 10 systems, including Secure Boot.
    Passwords are now hashed using Argon2.
    Fast disk cloning is now even faster.
    Added support for DH public/private key pairs.
    All block ciphers now support custom round counts.
    Added hybrid AES/Salsa/ChaCha ciphers.
    Streamlined UI to mount frequently used volumes in three keystrokes.
    Added command scripts to automate frequent tasks.
    Improved progress updates for long tasks (creating new volumes, cloning disks)

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